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Sober Athletic Wear Story

How it all started...

"Sober" translated from Greek means to be calm and collected, to have good sense, good judgement, wisdom, and level-headed in time of stress. These are the ideals Sober Athletic Wear strives for, and also to support financially those struggling with mental health and addiction.

Sober Athletic Wear is a social enterprise and giving back to the community. A portion of our revenue goes as financial support to mental health and addictions that result from life's trauma. There should be no shame, or negative stigma when seeking help for your mental health, and/or addiction issues.

I have been there, experiencing the feelings of guilt, and embarrassment associated with admitting you have had mental health, and addiction issues. Many of us self-medicate with wide variety of vices we use to bring us relief. It is not uncommon for people with mental health to seek pleasure to help us get by and mask our personal trauma's and pain.

There is hope, and Sober Athletic Wear wants to be part of the solution. Please know that when you buy a product from Sober, a portion of your purchase is going back into community to help others in need.

Thank you for your business. I sincerely appreciate your support.

Founder - Sober Athletic Wear

Troy Colmer

Sober Athletic Wear Is a Proud Supporter of the The Journey Neighbourhood Centre

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