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Sober Athletic Wear Is a Proud Supporter of the The Journey Neighbourhood Centre

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Sober Athletic Wear Story

How it all started...

Sober Athletic Wear is a social enterprise and giving back to the community. A portion of our revenue goes as financial support to mental health and addictions that result from life's trauma. There should be no shame, or negative stigma when seeking help for your mental health, and/or addiction issues.

I have been there, and have experienced the feelings of guilt, and embarrassment associated with admitting you have mental health concerns, and addictions as a result of self-medicating to mask the pain and trauma. This is why I am so passionate to help others who have gone through what I did, and to help educate others, so they don't have to get to a dark place like I did, but recognizing the symptoms of mental health and get help early to avoid the pain and possible addictions that can results down the road.

There is hope, and Sober Athletic Wear wants to be part of the solution. Please know that when you buy a product from Sober, a portion of your purchase is going back into community to help others in need.

Thank you for your business, and I sincerely appreciate your support.

Founder of Sober Athletic Wear - Troy Colmer

I love the fact that a portion of my purchase goes to help the community.  The products are stylish and comfy, but I also like the variety of products availble.

Emily T.

The ball cap I bought looks great!  I get compliments and questions about the Sober logo, so I get to tell the story behind the business.  When people find out it is a social enterprise my friends think it's a great idea, and they want to support the brand too.

David H.

Personally, I like the look of the Logo, so it is all about the style and feeling of the brand for me.

Jamal M.