what do these brands represent?

Men United

It became clear to me that Men are struggling to admit and ask for help when life becomes overwhelming. The end result can be dealing with Mental Health and substance use disorders. It is not weak, wimpy, or embarrasing to ask for help, rather very brave. Join the movement guys. Ladies support the men in your lives.

Sober Athletic Wear

Society has a very negative stigma to the word Sober. The word is used for people with substance use disorder, that are trying to get sober. However, getting sober from something is what we all are doing. Can food, shopping, gambling, pornography, sex, work, all be addicting and lead to problems? Yes, we all deal with getting sober from something, and let's made Sober a powerful word. Getting sober is to get healthy both mentally, physically and spiritually. What are you getting sober from?